Dr. Michael R. Carpenter

Nationally Certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Trainer
Anti-Bullying Consultant

WagePeaceToday Store
Welcome to the WagePeaceToday Store! Just some notes before you start shopping:
  • Posters are 11" X 17" in size and are card stock in thickness.  Each set is composed of 12 posters for $20 with additional  postage & handling.
  • The newly revised 2011 Waging Peace Manual with 45 class lessons is $35 with additional postage and handling. The manual comprises eight connecting activities, twenty-seven evidence-based bullying prevention lessons, and ten civility and character education activities.  The lessons focus on 3rd through 10th grade; however, they can be modified developmentally for K-2 & 11-12 grades.
  • The minimum poster order is $75.
  • Orders will be processed immediately.
  • If you are interested in (a) ordering by purchase order; (b) ordering larger quantities with special pricing; and/or (c) mixing and matching posters within sets, contact Dr. Carpenter by phone or fax: 770-719-1856 or by email (most preferred): drmichaelc@comcast.net.


Bullying Products:

  • Posters:
    • Bullying Student Definition (sun)
    • BYSTANDERS Take a Stand ... 
      Bystanders: Steps to Courage
    • Heart: People Don't Care ...
    • No Bully Zone
    • On-The-Spot Intervention Script
    • Stop Cyber Bullying
    • Types of Bullying: Speak No ...
    • Waging Peace
    • What is Bullying; Classroom Rules
    • What is Bullying BEHAVIOR
    • What is Bullying: RIP
  • Other:
    • Waging Peace Manual (revised 2011)
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